Travian Bot

Do you like playing travian?

Are you bored by the constant repetitive tasks in the game that don’t allow you to play the “real” game?

Well, I have a perfect solution. My travian bot, will do all the petty boring tasks for you. You can sit back and relax as it does everything for you. Now you will be finally able to concentrate on the game politics.

It is a standalone program coded in Python language, so you don’t need to install anything. Also, travian bot is completely undetectable, so you can use it without worrying about your account being suspended. Features of the software in a nutshell are:

  • Automated Farming
  • Troop Training
  • Automated Attacks and Reinforcements
  • Trading
  • Able to handle multiple accounts simultaneously + Proxy Support
  • Construction and demolition of buildings.
  • Auto-Proxy list included (Scrapes from public proxy lists)


Latest Version 5.07 [RELEASED ON 24 November 2013] Can Now Be Downloaded.

Download Travian Bot

Click To Download!

As it is coded in python, this travian bot will work on all major operating systems including Linux and Mac and obviously Windows-XP/7/8.

Travian Bot is Completely Undetectable

We use tactics so that all automated tasks completely resemble a human player. We have tested our software endlessly using the most aggressive settings and till now not one account has been banned, out of the numerous we used.

Is it a standalone program or browser extension?

It is a standalone program. Many automation software are nothing but firefox or chrome add-ons that help you semi-automate the gameplay. The problem with such add-ons is that they are very limited in their features and ease of use. They have to be confined to the browser commands for automation. Our bot on the other hand is capable of much more.

Why are you giving it away for free?

I am a travian addict myself, the initial versions of travian bot were created for my personal use. I once shared some of the bots with my alliance and they were an instant hit. I thought more people might like to use such a tool, because currently there are not any good automation tools available for travian, especially for free. What is the catch? There is no catch, I do however request you to signup for a free travian account. This way I get a few cents everytime someone downloads my software. It helps me stay motivated and constantly update the bot.

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